Thursday, September 16, 2010

Megan T, 9/16/10, "The Party"

Girl on her phone outside the window: “I’m here!”

Amy: “Who’s that? A vanilla person?”

Derrick: “Yes, shush.”

Amy: “But…”

(Door opens)

Girl no longer on the phone named Sarah: “Hey!”

Derrick: “Hi you.”


“So this is Walt, Claire, George and that’s Amy. This is Sarah”

(Walt, Claire, George and Amy speak at the same time)

Walt: (Waves)

Claire: Hi

George: Hi

Amy: Hey (Absentmindedly waves as she moves towards down the buffet on the table)

Claire: I can see your ass.

Amy: Really? Hmm. (Pulls her skirt slightly down)

Sarah: So no David huh?

Derrick: Nope. He said he had another engagement so I didn’t really expect him.

Amy: There’s cupcakes if you want them.

(Sets of two to be said at the same time until George speaks the second time)

Derrick: Can I get you a drink?

George: Ow, ow, ow. (Breaths hard)

Sarah: You can, thanks. Beer?

Walt: Did you lock your jaw on him?

Claire: Ya see. Look at the marks.

Derrick: I have several, what…

George: Such pretty bruises.

Amy: Lemme see. Ooh nice.

George: Mhm

Amy: I always knew I liked you Claire.

(Natalie enters the room)

Natalie: Seriously, I demand you eat the sandwiches.

Amy: I had some while you were making them.

Claire: I can’t eat bread.

Natalie: You can’t?

Derrick: Can’t what?

Claire: Eat bread.

Derrick: Oh (Pause) So Rachel’s not with you?

Sarah: No. Not sure where she is.

(Said after Sarah says no)

George: Why can’t you eat bread?

Amy: The surgery right?

Claire: Yep.

Natalie: What surgery?

Claire: I had lapband surgery.

George: Oh ya, sorry sweets.

Amy: So how do you know Derrick?

Sarah: Well…

Derrick: See we both went to Berkeley, and we both lived in-

(Both say at same time)

Derrick: Pennsylvania.

Sarah: Pennsylvania, and we never met...

Claire: That’s a cute skirt you’re wearing.

Amy: Thank you. I went schoolgirl today.

Walt: Derrick likes em young eh?

(Amy and Derrick speak at same time)

Derrick: Uhh.

Amy: Actually he doesn’t. He used to date a schoolgirl.

Sarah: A Trinity girl am I right?

Derrick: Actually, ha… ya.

Sarah: David would disapprove.

Derrick. Ha, so you guys want to hear my favorite David story?

Amy: Sure

George: Ya.

Derrick: So we were playing this apples to apples game that had been messed with… so it had all sorts of dirty sayings on the cards. And David’s said dildo… and he couldn’t say it!…


George: Good story Derrick!

Amy: (Laughs)

Natalie: How about playing never have I ever?

George: Ooh I’ve never played that.

Derrick: Can I get you guys a drink?

George: I’d like another.

Derrick: Anyone else?

Amy: More lemonade.

Claire: Never have I ever?

Natalie: Yes.

(Sets of two to be said at the same time until George speaks)

Walt: Have we played this before?

Natalie: Who would like to start?

Claire: Pretty sure I mean…

Amy: I will!

George: Course you will gorgeous.

Amy: Never have I ever kissed a girl!

George: You haven’t?

Natalie: You need to say, “Same sex.”

Amy: Oh, okay. Never have I kissed someone from my same sex.

Derrick: Damn!

Amy: (Laughs)

Claire: You’ve kissed a boy?!

George: Real-ly?

Claire: What was his name?

Derrick: Brent. It was his birthday and the saddest part is I think I only did it because it was his birthday…


Amy: Who’s next?

Claire: It goes that way.

Natalie: All right, never have I ever…

Amy: Anyone want the rest of this?

Natalie: Flogged a girl.

George: Shit.

Derrick: Fuck you guys

Amy: (Laughs)

Walt: I haven’t!

Derrick: That’s because your girlfriend has a girlfriend guy.

George: My turn? Okay now, ever have I ever… hmmm-

Sarah: I guess David would be glad he missed this.

George: Done blood play!

Derrick: Well he had that other commitment.

(To be said after ‘he had’)

Claire: Yes you have! Needle play has blood play in it!

Sarah: So how long have you known these people?

George: Well… (Pause)

Amy: Six months. I can’t believe I’ve only known you guys for six months.

Derrick: Ya.

Amy: So how long have you known Derrick?

Sarah: Me? Maybe a year and a half?

Amy: Cool. Where’d you meet?

Sarah: Happy hour through David. How about you?

Amy: Uhhh… a café?

Sarah: Oh what café?


Walt: Uh Derrick, why don’t you just tell her?

Claire: Ya, I’m sick of following these stupid rules!

Sarah: Rules? What rules?

Claire: I wasn’t allowed to talk about Nazi’s or grope the guests-

Derrick: Which you did!

Claire: Normals, I wasn’t allowed to grope the Normals! And you told Amy she wasn’t allowed to be tied up.

Amy: Or tie anyone up.

Claire: Ya. Amy wasn’t allowed to be tied up at all!

Walt: So c’mon, just say it.

Natalie: Yes.

Derrick: What? You want me to tell her I’m a sexual deviant?

Walt, Amy, Claire: (Laugh)

George: Yes!

Sarah: Umm what?

Derrick: I make things and uhh, hit people. Bondage.

Amy: And he’s so good at it.

Natalie: Well...

Sarah: Bondage?

Amy: Yep. Ropes n’ stuff?

Sarah: I think I need to leave

Amy: Oh. (Looks around)

Derrick: I’ll walk you to the door.

Sarah: No, that’s okay.

Claire: Nice meeting you!

(Door shuts)

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  1. Notes from Roy:
    This is a good scene, with comedy, and a rising sense of action, as the gulf between Sarah and the others becomes more obvious throughout. Though it's difficult to quite figure at first, I was able to discern the patterns among the characters more easily while reading through a second time. A few more stage directions denoting who's talking to whom might be helpful. Also I wonder who's grouping with whom.

    I was somewhat confused by the "Never Have I Ever" game. I get that one makes a declaration, but not what follows. If there's a way to give a quick explanation to someone, like Sarah, that might be helpful.

    There are good moments of tension when Sarah realizes that she is a "normal" to them, and when they start to break out of their imposed silence. Like Sarah, I wonder what's going to happen at this party, and her decision to leave is a good climax to the scene.

    Further dramatic opportunities might come from questions that the scene leaves, like how did Sarah find herself with these people? Who and where is David? How will Sarah interact with individuals from the party if she meets them later? What kind of events might take place at this party?