Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here We Go

Okay, here we go.  We'll use this blog to post and view our written work.  So turning in assignments will now consist of posting them here.  Members of the class are welcome to comment.  Nick and I will comment here as well.

Details on how to access the blog will be sent to class members via e-mail.

Please sign your posts and comments so we know who they come from, and remember to keep comments in the style we're using in class.  It's not required to comment on every post.  The basic rules are in the "about me."

Class announcements will still be posted on the website, and sent to you via e-mail.  There's a link to the website in the right hand column.

Let us know if there are any problems.



  1. I think I must be totally computer illiterate, but I'm not sure how to post a blog on here... Can anyone help?


  2. Yeah, I'm no expert at this either. Sorry for the confusion, but I think we'll get it worked out as we go along.