Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9/15/10 Car Accident Scene Molly Wixson

JOANIE is a 18 year-old girl, SAM her 22 year-old husband. They are in the hospital parking lot, and SAM is trying to help JOANIE into his dad’s truck. She is pale and wearing all white. He is wearing all black.

JOANIE: Don’t touch me.

SAM: I was just trying to help.

JOANIE: Well, don’t. Just drive okay?

SAM: Where?

JOANIE: Away from here. Anywhere.

SAM: You hungry? (Climbing into the driver’s side)


SAM: Well, your stomach is probably empty. We could just- (JOANIE cuts him off)

JOANIE: I’m not hungry.

SAM: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I just thought eating might make you feel better.

JOANIE: No, it won’t. I want you to drive me home. Just drive.

SAM: (turns keys in ignition) Alright.


JOANIE: Remember the first time you saw me? I was 12.

SAM: The youngest dancer in the company. You were weightless, like a swan.

JOANIE: And now, now I’m glued to the ground.

SAM: Don’t say that.

JOANIE: But it’s true. You have to just accept it.

SAM: (sternly) You know, you may have given up, but I haven’t. And I won’t. (SHORT PAUSE) Joanie, I can’t.

JOANIE: You have to.

SAM: (angrily) No! I’m sorry! How many times have I said I’m sorry? I wish it had been me? How many times? God, Joanie I wish it had been me. (NURSES come in and rearrange furniture to represent a hospital room. SAM is still sitting, but JOANIE’S chair becomes a hospital bed) But the truck came out so fast and I didn’t see it. And there- you went out the window. If only I could have grabbed you. Held you. I should have looked again, but you were talking and I- I’m sorry. I wanted to- There was so much blood and you didn’t move. Didn’t make a noise and -

JOANIE: (stands) (PAUSE) Sam?

SAM: Yes, Baby, what? (reaches for her hand)


JOANIE: (turns to look at SAM) I was pregnant. (SAM meets her glance as the lights fade out on her to an empty hospital bed.)

SAM: I know.


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  1. Notes from Roy:
    Very good scene. Great stage images. You have great dramatic instincts, and a good knowledge of the stage and its tools which comes out in your writing.

    The scene is full of conflict and emotion between the two characters. They are heavily invested, and there are high stakes between them. This gives the scene a good edge, which makes the other elements work. The transition from the car to the hospital is very well handled. I fell like you've created a very interesting canvas to explore. About their relationship, about their past, about the fact that she was once weightless, about the pregnancy. Lots of dramatic opportunities.