Wednesday, October 27, 2010

From Andi Smith's The Island In The Hills: Scene 2 Big Ugly Secret

Annabelle: Paige I saw you last night.
Paige: What do you mean?
Annabelle: I saw you, you don’t have to act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.
Paige: Whatever, you might have seen me, but I don’t have to tell you anything.
Annabelle: Hm. Well now I’m beginning to believe there is something I should know- I was just going to assume you were out tracking a constellation of stars or waiting for some kind of rare comet sighting, continuing your research as usual, feeding your relentlessly hungry IQ.
Paige: Well you’re right about that actually.
Annabelle: I don’t know Paige, I think your life just got a lot more interesting…Or at least from my perspective. What were you doing out there? It was nearly 4 in the morning…?
Paige: Gosh, I’ve been able to keep you and mom out of my business all this time, and now? I’m so close to being out of here! This is ridiculous, you better just drop it and leave me alone.
Annabelle: I don’t know why you have such a huge problem with me Paige, I am your big sister, maybe it’s time we start acting like sisters, maybe it’s time I start being a role model for you, allowing you to confide in me.
Paige: Ha! A role model for me? I’d rather be caught dead than be walking through life with your ungrateful demeanor, nothing about you is anything I’d want to be.
Annabelle: Please. You seem so fussy though when mom favors me, isn’t that something you wish you had? I mean it’s just so painfully obvious, and when I say painful- I mean, you really appear to be in pain…
Paige: Ya, right. Pain is far from the mere frustration I feel… in that I am simply not equal under the law of this home.
Annabelle: Come on Paige, don’t think I don’t notice Mom’s bullshit motive in ignoring you. I can see now, that it’s not you…it’s her…and I know why.
Paige: Wow, I didn’t think you were capable of that…
Annabelle: Capable of what?
Paige: Looking at someone outside of yourself.
Annabelle: Well, you’re not the only one trying to go about your business without the noses of others in your way. I do what I need to do to play my part, and play to the level expected. You don’t always accomplish the most by being the insightful child. Sometimes you just have to know your role.
Paige: Well, you’re giving mom all the excuses in the world to ignore what she is responsible for. In her mind, your overwhelming neediness and drama keeps her occupied being a “mother” While I am just, well…not a problem I guess! But maybe I should start giving her a run for her money, ya know, start tugging just as hard on the other arm… drive her mad! Madder than she already is!
Annabelle: You don’t want to do that Paige, it’s not worth it. Stick it out, you’ll be 18 before you know it. And who knows… this big ugly secret might just blow over if and when you decide to flip your lid and let it be known.
Paige: I can’t believe it. You know about this, how long have you known about this?
Annabelle: Paige, you can confide in me… I haven’t told a soul.

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