Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caroline's Response to Fringe Show

Do a one or two paragraph written response to seeing the Fringe plays. Answer any or all of the following:

- Which piece did you most respond to? Why?

Honestly, I responded to Nick’s piece the most because there was a natural pace to the progression of the relationship. It was charming and sweet. It also mixed visual indicators of progression that served just as strongly as the dialogue to show growth, such as the light bulb and the coffee. The man with Asperger’s was strange enough but funny enough to hold onto my interest while still remaining believable and definitely enjoyable The other pieces worked. The theme of the first piece compelled me to reflect on honesty and the politics of truth. The images in the second piece fit the slow piece and though it was not the most engaging piece, I still was drawn into the silent world of the unhappy couple. The dancing and live video feed assisted the dynamism of the silence, so that action manifested in a different way other than plot.

In addition, do a one-paragraph summary of the piece you're working on in class.

Pedro is coming back. I’m going to play with extending the piece, though I am happy with it as a one-act. There’s more I’d like to go into…especially Pedro and his struggle with identity and abandonment. I’d like to include more “real” or serious (though funny) conversations with his mother and perhaps even more confrontation on his father’s part, to try to encourage him to be a better man (and grow up). Though the piece works with its original arch, I think it could go deeper into cultural issues within the Latino community, such as absentee fathers and children being raised on illusions of success instead of true, personal success. I think I’m going to have the parents pester him a little more; Mami, in reality, and Papi, in a fantastical way. Hopefully, it’s not too forced, but it’s already set up for more and I would like to explore.

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